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  26th July 2017

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Klancraig can be found nestled in the Shropshire hills, England.

The Klancraig Affix is owned by Penny and Gary and our youngest daughter Megan and was registered in 1996. Three years later saw the arrival of Fergus our first German Wirehaired Pointer.


Penny is a professional dog groomer and has a passionate interest in canine health and nutrition. In the past she has sat on the German Wirehaired Pointer Club Committee, sat on the GWPC Health Sub Committee and been the Breed Health Co-ordinator acting as liaison between the GWPC and Kennel Club and was for a time a Breed Rescue Coordinator (having also been actively involved in Dalmatian Rescue).

Gary is actively involved in training and working our dogs (and acts as mid wife when we have a litter). He works them on several local shoots as well as participating in working tests with them.

In the UK the GWP is a 'dual purpose' breed which in it's current state continues to be shown and worked unlike many gundog breeds which have split and are bred to fulfil one role or the other. At Klancraig we are dedicated to breeding healthy dogs of sound temperament who are capable of winning both in the showring and field.

Whilst we enjoy participating in showing and working our dogs as a hobby, first and foremost our dogs are family companions. They are not kennel dogs and they are fed a natural, raw diet and are minimally vaccinated.

Klancraig have made the decision to resign from the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme. This scheme was in part set up to try and stop puppy farmers from trading and we applaud the KC for their efforts in this respect. However we are not commercial breeders and in fact rarely breed a litter and when we do it is generally because we wish to keep a puppy ourselves. We do not feel it necessary to pay a yearly subscription to the KC for the privilege of holding the title Assured Breeder when we do not use the KC to advertise or sell our puppies, actively encourage people to visit our home to meet mum, puppies and extended family members and we currently health test above and beyond the required health tests laid down by the KC. Our breeding dogs and bitches are all of sound temperament - this is paramount whether a puppy is going to a pet, show or working home. All are hip scored and have either been DNA tested clear of von Willebrands or come from lines which have been DNA tested clear of von Willebrands. We also test our breeding dogs and bitches by echocardiogram for signs of the condition Dilated Cardiomyopathy and as future DNA tests become available for conditions which affect the Breed, we will test accordingly. We offer our puppy owners lifetime help and support and will always take a puppy/adult dog back or help with rehoming as circumstances dictate.

Dogs R Us Professional Groomers

After a short break away from dog grooming Penny and her friend Lisa have reformed their partnership Dogs R Us Professional Groomers.

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